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Pet Behavioral Counseling in
New Tazewell, TN

Learn more about our pet behavioral counseling below.

The most common cause for pet owners to surrender their animals is behavioral issues. Inappropriate urination or feces, aggression, separation anxiety, inappropriate chewing and barking, and the introduction of new pets into the home are just a few of the issues that Rowland Veterinary Services can help with.

The veterinarians at Rowland Veterinary Services Hospital will consult with you extensively to determine the cause of these behavioral problems and create a customized plan to assist in curing your pet’s undesirable behavior. It is frequently possible to link a behavior problem, like infrequent urination, to a medical condition (such as cystitis, bladder stones, or renal disease), which can then be treated medically.

Other behavioral problems may also be treated with medication-assisted training and behavior change. We can recommend a board-certified animal behavior specialist to you if our veterinarians and technical staff members are unable to assist with your pet’s behavior issue.

Pet Behavioral Counseling