Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness & Preventative Care in New Tazewell, TN

The health and lifespan of your pet depend on pet wellness and preventative care.

Rowland Veterinary Services takes great pride in offering top-notch preventative and wellness care for pets. All pets should have access to professional medical care and thoughtful, kind service, in our opinion. Every pet we treat receives better care thanks to the dedication of our team of qualified experts. We spend time talking about your pet’s diet, activity, enrichment of the environment, and any other health concerns you might have.

Your beloved family member will receive the greatest treatment possible, from routine checkups and immunizations to cutting-edge diagnoses and surgeries, and we’ll work closely with you to make sure of it. At Rowland Veterinary Services, we work hard to build long-lasting connections with both our human and animal patients by offering wise counsel and first-rate care in a friendly and welcoming setting.

Pet Wellness & Preventative Care